Listed as one of the core 'Power 9' tenants of Blue Zones, Wine with Friends at 5 is not a dietary suggestion but rather a testament to living a life of balance. The concept of Wine with Friends at 5 is practiced in Blue Zone communities around the world to remind us of the importance of slowing down and connecting with family and friends at the end of each day for reflection and perspective. This routine to shed stress on a daily basis is one practice many attribute the longevity of life in Blue Zones to. Our hope is that the stories you find here will help you to do the same.

Members of the Blue Zone Family on The Ultimate Surfer

August 23, 2021

We are thrilled for two of our favorite members of the Blue Zone Family, Brianna Cope and Tia Blanco, as they go head to head with the world's greatest up and coming surfers for the title of Ultimate Surfer and a spot on the WSL World Tour! Abc's The Ultimate Surfer premiers August 23rd! We'll be cheering you on! Go Team Brianna! Go Team Tia! Let's do this!

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