Inspiring financial health and well-being through clarity, purpose, and empowerment.

Blue Zone Wealth Advisors combines the intelligence of various financial disciplines under one roof to offer family office services to our clients. For sustainable growth, any great enterprise requires awareness about who they are and what they value, a team with connectivity & integrity and a plan for execution. We believe your financial life should be managed the same way.

Our Story:

Coined by National Geographic, Blue Zones are unique communities around the world with more centenarians (a person who has reached the age of 100 years old) than anywhere else on the planet. People living in Blue Zones not only live longer, healthier lives, but also live free of stress and disease. This longevity is not due to inherited DNA or a specific diet. Rather, it is the result of intentional lifestyle choices made and shared by these communities.

This concept of making intentional lifestyle choices, resulting in happiness, fulfillment, and longevity, is the premise of Blue Zone Wealth Advisors. Our purpose is to translate these principles into the longevity and well-being of a family’s financial life.

Our Services

Financial Planning
An enterprise starts with a vision. A successful enterprise employs a plan for achieving that vision. In order to bring that vision to life, it requires a relationship with uncertainty. To manage that, we chart out potential outcomes. We do this by simplifying the complexities of the tax and financial system to identify our primary the risks and opportunities and institute an action plan for the possible scenarios. The financial plan should be revisited frequently but especially well before any notable event.
Financial Statement Construction & Analysis
Sound decisions require confidence. Confidence requires awareness. Our approach to financial statement analysis is rooted in accountancy and perfected with the agility and creativity of data science. Delivering our client's what they need to know, before they need to know it. Without a cleanly constructed set of financial statements, you're flying in the dark. We build and maintain customized financial dashboards that aggregate all of our clients financial statement data so we can identify the most pertinent metrics and track our progress against our end goal.
Multi-Generational & Impact Planning
To us, Multi-Generational & Impact Planning encompasses our clients' raison d'etre. BlueZone is dedicated to the formulation and implementation of mechanisms that reflect and sustain our client's relationship to their families, their communities and their causes. This is everything that is meant to live on well after they are gone.
Tax Planning
Taxes can often be an enterprises largest expense. While paying your fair share of taxes is every citizens obligation, we feel value creation comes from managing all risk exposures. With proper planning and a proactive approach, the uncertainty around taxes can be managed and therefor your financial plan can become more certain. We make it a priority to have a positive working relationship with the CPA or tax team to accomplish this.
Investment Strategy & Oversight
Portfolios should be built to accomplish 2 things:
1.) Achieve the required long term rate of return
2.) Manage current economic risks associated with achieving that growth rate

Our open architecture investment platform allows us to source and manage investment vehicles of all kinds that deliver the desired result. Our unique structure allows us to manage traditional assets on a discretionary basis, or we can take a 'manage the managers' style approach by aggregating performance related information across custodians or sub-accounts to act non-discretionary investment advisor. Many of our clients are accredited investors and as such require guidance and evaluation on their alternative investment portfolios as well.
Our methodology

We care deeply about the details.

To provide the best advice, we believe we should have a thorough understanding of our client’s lives, quantitatively and qualitatively. This firm was built to encourage our team to ruminate on the details, to think outside the box and be creative with our advice. In our line of work, one size does not fit all and being able to deliver on that is our value proposition.

We built our firm to embody these principles:

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Investing is different for each person. Having a sense of purpose about wealth and what is most important to you provides for clarity and longevity. We believe when your investment portfolio has a purpose, whether it’s to meet a specific financial goal, create positive impact through investing, or provide a legacy for your loved ones, it results in alignment with your personal values and a genuine feeling of well-being.
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You have worked hard to build your wealth. Our job is to help you preserve it, grow it and make sure it lasts. One of the keys to sustainable financial health is detailed cash flow planning in concert with your asset allocation and investment strategy. We use multi-generational estate planning to ensure the longevity of your legacy. The best way to predict the future is to create it.
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We make intentional decisions about the food we eat and the lifestyles we adopt. What if you were to approach your financial life with a similar healthy mindset? There’s no rule that says you have to think about your finances in a disjointed way from the rest of your life. We bring transparency to your financial life and help you make intentional decisions that result in a true sense of ease and well-being.
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We have built a team around you that works closely with your other advisors (accountant, book keeper, attorney, insurance agent). Your client portal keeps you connected to all aspects of your financial life.